ENGLISH VERSION - John Mew, Mike Mew – New thinking on Facio-dental development

John Mew, Mike Mew – New thinking on Facio-dental development

In the past orthodontists did not think faces could be changed by treatment, but with the advent of Facial Growth Guidance (Orthotropics) we are having to develop new parameters and define new objectives. In the past the upper jaw was thought to define the mid face but now we realise that the maxilla represents just the teeth and their supporting bone.
The other eight or more bones including the orbit and nose have been largely ignored but these are all part of the mid-face and are largely responsible for the overall shape and attractiveness of the individual.
I will discuss how to recognise and guide/correct the developing face.

Record from The 18th Symposium of International Association of Facial Growth Guidance which took place 23-24 September 2022 in Cracow, Poland

Price: 1300 PLN - 14-day access to the course

Lecturers: John Mew, dr Mike Mew

Duration: 5:39 h

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John Mew - The Growth of the Mid-face
Dominik Piskorski - From orthodontics to orthotropics- Highlighting the differences. Isn’t it time for a change in thinking?

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Wilfried Engelke - History of the Bioifunctional  Model to describe upper airway function
Marisa Santos - Treating children earlier
Magdalena Otwinowska - presentation: Facial growth guidance – own experience 
Dovilė Drungilaitė - How to treat when it is too late? 
Lecturer discussion

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Mike Mew - Research with 3D facial scans to understand and improve orthotropic outcomes
Agnieszka Romanik - presentation: Are children wearing braces? The relationship between dentist, parent, and child
Katarzyna Chmielińska-Popiołek - presentation: Early orthodontic (orthotropic) treatment in Class II patients
Wilfried Engelke - Application of the biofunctional model in swallowing  and breathing disorders

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Indrė Misiūnienė - How to love Orthotropics. Advices for beginners
Sandra Kahn - Up-lock breathing and Forwardontics - Beyond prevention to fostering respiratory health
Indrė Misiūnienė - A role of vitamins and minerals in good facial and dental development
Simon Wong - Findings from 152 consecutively treatment Biobloc Orthotropic cases

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